Sunny A.M. European Tour 2023

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Maybe it was the outlook on a not so bright future, with the Corona virus holding the world in a chokehold in 2021, that prompted Joana Brito (The Black Wizards), Linn Johannesson and Johanna Hansson (both MaidaVale) to start a new band with the explicit purpose of being "a light in the dark".

Maybe that band was supposed to be a counterweight to the musicians' main bands, whose musical works usually deal with the gloomier aspects of human existence.

In any case it would not do Sunny A.M. justice to just call them a 'project'. With the addition of Joakim Sandegård (git, synth), their first shows on Portugal in 2022 and the release of their first EP 'All The Lights On' in January of 2023, they've made a name for themselves.

Now we are happy to announce the band's first tour of Germany, taking place between September 29th and October 9th.

01.10.23Polyester KlubOldenburg
04.10.23Noch Besser LebenLeipzig
07.10.23Hafen 2Offenbach

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