Reap Light Screamer / 2020

Released by Nominata Records - available as vinyl, get the album here

  1. 1. Close 04:27
  2. 2. Reaper 04:58
  3. 3. Stop 03:47
  4. 4. Hunt 04:00
  5. 5. Dawn 04:50
  6. 6. Higher 05:05
  7. 7. Sky 03:34
  8. 8. Fear 03:42
  9. 9. Ground 03:38
  10. 10. Walk 05:04



  • “This was an album brimming with passion and if the spirit of Riot Girl melded with dark post-punk and uncompromising 80s noise-rock ticks your boxes then look no further.”

  • “The noise rockers have a way of screaming out pained lead lines around solidly formed rhythms and strident vox that is simply bad ass.”

  • “the album excels through the rawness of its production, and unveils a handful of different aspects of the band's songwriting, with most of the songs leaning boldly toward a based post punk sound, while others tend to go off toward other subgenres of alternative and traditional rock, sometimes heavier, more chaotic and experimental, and other times a on a more melodious side, and easier to take in, yet, always guitar-driven and well executed.”

  • “Un album intrigant, qu'il faut écouter pour comprendre.”

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