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BirdEatsBaby october tour

“The world conspires” is the fifth album of the English band, with a career started in 2009 with the album “Here she comes a tumblin’”. Produced by John Fryer, mastered by Bob Macchiochi and recorded in the Black Needle Noise

Bird Berlin & Krupski - Töne & Texte Tournee

Am 22. November erscheint Krupskis neuestes Werk "Die Knittrigen". Anlässlich dieses freudigen Ereignisses geht Krupski gemeinsam mit BirdBerlin auf Texte & Töne Tour.   präsentiert von Avantpop, Spagat Booking & Jackalope - Artist Needs Management   Datum Ort Venue 20.11.19 Offenbach HfG Kapelle

FABIAN to release new/final album

We've been working with Fabian for almost five years now. For good reason: they were and still are one of the most talented, innovative, couragous and creative bands we've ever heard. Sadly, Fabian decided to call it quits. Their decision leaves

    The Jackalope Artist Roster

    An overview over our formidable employers (they rock).