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Fabian - Things Will Happen When We Go Outside, Or Not - pre-order start

FABIAN are no more. Since August 2019 they are an ex-band. An ex-band with a finished album, that took two years of nerve-wracking work to complete. For which the band have turned their music and themselves upside down and inside

Light Screamer - REAP - new in stock!

The new Light Screamer record REAP is now finally released in germany. The record of the swedish post-punkers is finally coming to germany! Pre-orders have ended and now you can order their third album via our shop. If you are

Bird Berlin farewell documentation

Bird Berlins last shows are not that long ago, but we really do miss him already! Thanks to Medienwerkstatt Franken there is a short documentory about Bernds aka Birdis last tour including his bathtub-concert in our hometown Halle! Enjoy!

    The Jackalope Artist Roster

    An overview over our formidable employers (they rock).