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Fabian - Things Will Happen When We Go Outside, Or Not - pre-order start

FABIAN are no more. Since August 2019 they are an ex-band. An ex-band with a finished album, that took two years of nerve-wracking work to complete. For which the band have turned their music and themselves upside down and inside

Gus Ring at INES 2021

Finaly 2020 has some good news for us! Gus Ring will be part of the INES#talents showcase festival. The INES showcase is a collaboration of 20 european showcase festivals. Every festival has to pick 2-8 artists from their country which

Complete Malm disocgraphy comes in may!

Malm können mittlerweile auf 22 Jahre Bandgeschichte zurükblicken! In ihrem 23sten Jahr, pünktlich zum ersten Mai, haben die Würzburger ein kleines Geschenk für euch und uns: Die komplette Diskografie (oder wie der interne Arbeitstitel lautet: Malmografie) gibt es auf allen

    The Jackalope Artist Roster

    An overview over our formidable employers (they rock).