She Owl mixes dream pop, dark indie elements,
cinematic arrangements, with haunting, sultry vocals
into an original musical framework.
Formed in 2013 by Jolanda Moletta

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and Demian

Endian, the nomadic couple left its Italian homeland to

live and create music on the road, fueled by two main

sources of energy: traveling and the love for wilderness. !

She Owl’s atmospheric compositions travel at the speed of

the emotional journeys of Bat for Lashes, Agnes Obel and

Marissa Nadler, while their indie/rock roots recall

Florence+The Machine, and latest PJ Harvey's work.

The duo toured extensively in 21 countries and created

two full lengths She Owl (2013), Animal Eye (2015) and

the EP Drifters (October 2017), all together with Bay

Area producer George S. Rosenthal. The Drifters Ep tour

ended in June 2018, after sharing the stage with Cat

Power at David Lynch-designed Club Silencio in Paris.

She Owl has a quite unique approach to songwriting and

performing, focusing not only on killing with style, but

also on finding an emotional link to the listeners, in and

out the boundaries of pop culture. Onstage Jolanda and

Demian play up to ten instruments, singing and dancing

along, willing to fall in a trance together with the audience.

According to critics and public, their concerts are a unique

tribal experience. !

It's getting harder to lock She Owl in the cage of a specific

genre: before Drifters the duo has been experimenting with

dream folk in She Owl (2013), then with tribal pop tunes

in the following Animal Eye (2015). Recorded in San

Francisco in 2013, She Owl's debut album is an elegant,

essential collection of songs and stories from the woods,.

Inspired by nine months spent in a mountain house, where

Jolanda and Demian had the time to plan their journey,

She Owl is a musical skywalk between lucid dreams and


2015's Animal Eye is a set of primordial dances, blending

the essence of rock'n'roll with the duo's unconventional

approach. The lyrics are stripped bare, looking for the

animal part of us, feeling lost in a concrete world that

seems more dangerous than the wild one. The characters in

the songs experience the contrast between trustful

innocence and the rules of civilization.

As a solo artist, Jolanda Moletta worked together with

Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) for the song Summer

Returns by the Italian band P.A.S.E.. Jolanda opened for

major touring acts like Joan as a Policewoman,

Cocorosie, Kaki King, Faun Fables, Greg Ashley and

joined The Last Internationale, at the time when they

were performing with drummer Brad Wilk from Rage

Against the Machine and multi-instrumentalist and

producer Brendan O’Brien.

Jolanda also created HERfest, an international event for

women-centered bands and artistic projects.

Press Voices

  • “Neu im Wald ist diese Eule: Multiinstrumentalistin und Sängerin Jolana Moletta alias She Owl, die ihr Debütalbum in San Francisco aufnahm. Die Musik klingt märchenhaft verträumt und leicht geheimnisvoll; die Eule mag die Öffentlichkeit nicht so sehr und treibt sich lieber im Zwielicht des Waldes umher. Zurückhaltende Piano-Klänge, Kalimba- und Gitarrentupfer, sanfte Percussion und Molettas Stimme reichen meist aus, um eine schaurig-schöne Stimmung zu schaffen. Auf produktionstechnische Sperenzchen wird ebenso verzichtet wie auf übermäßig komplexe Songstrukturen. She Owl flattert irgendwo zwischen einer gezähmten PJ Harvey und Natalie Merchant in einem Gebiet mit vielen großartigen Konkurrentinnen...”

  • “…for depth, beauty and pure emotion, it’s well worth taking the extra time to get to know this record, and you might just find yourself getting lost in a different world.”

  • “…a lovely set of tunes to get lost in, a magical place where a beautiful voice wraps you in a soft embrace and tells you it’s okay to be lost and not afraid.”

  • “Elle a la voix d'un ange, d'une sirène... ou d'une démone tentatrice. Désolé des clichés, mais c'est la pensée qui m'est immédiatement venue en écoutant le premier album de She Owl pour la première fois, et ce dès les premières secondes. Et ce fut pareil après la vingtième fois... L'italienne Jolanda Moletta évoque tout à la fois Karen Vogt (Heligoland) pour sa pureté cristalline étrangement chaude, Liz Harris (Grouper) pour son côté mystérieux et Josephine Foster pour sa capacité à partir d'un coup dans des mondes fantasmagoriques. Elle varie sans cesse les effets et les émotions. Elle touche, inquiète, séduit...”

  • “...In order to record fourty, plentiful minutes, perfectly played and produced, making a fresco that possess evocative strenght and lead the listener to discover an outstanding musician...the song 'Over the Bones' sounds like a Florence + The Machine outtake (perfectly done, indeed), slightly darker than Miss Welch's standards... Nightingale is all-rhythm and, even if not electric, it's pure geometry, with the piano, in more than one occasion supported by percussion, harp and guitar, drawing lines that fade in the ethereal...”

    Il Mucchio Selvaggio, it
  • “S'ha comparat She Owl amb Bat For Lashes, Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush o PJ Harvey. Comparacions encertades totes elles, però al discurs de l'italiana Jolanda Moletta també hi ressonen diamants del folk britànic dels 70 com The Trees o el minimalisme gòtic d'uns Cranes. Ahir va debutar a Barcelona tot presentant un debut homònim que havia vist la llum la tardor passada sota el paraigües de PPZK -el mateix segell que dóna sortida a l'obra de Peter Piek-. Acompanyada del seu inseparable Demian Endian i en el marc d'una elegant galeria d'art, va desplegar un repertori poblat per boscos encantats, cases fetes d'arbres i bruixes que es reencarnen en mussols. Contes de fades de naturalesa tan salvatge com onírica, recitats per una veu hipnòtica i penetrant. Tambors que semblaven anunciar rituals pagans, teixint atmosferes de misteri amb la complicitat d'un piano boirós, una guitarra tan espessa com l'autoharpa amb què s'alternava, i un eclèctic set de percussió elaborat a base d'imaginació -impagable el collaret amb forma de cor-. Recursos bàsics però suficients per a un repertori que no requereix cap mena d'artifici.”

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10. 08. 19Street Happening / Reichenbach im Vogtland (de) w/ Gus Ring


2015Animal Eye
2013She Owl


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