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FABIAN are no more. Since August 2019 they are an ex-band. An ex-band with a finished album, that took two years of nerve-wracking work to complete. For which the band have turned their music and themselves upside down and inside out. It was supposed to be the band’s big leap, rocketing them into higher spheres. Even though everybody involved knew very well, that this endeavor could end in a crash landing, too.

And that’s exactly what happened. Though in a different way than expected.

Whatever may have led to the decision to disband: the songs on „Things Will Happen When We Go Outside, Or Not“ can’t possibly be part of the reason. Nine perfect, ‚ambivalent‘ pop songs recorded by a band willing to challenge themselves and their past work, wrapped in a modern, sober, but never bleak presentation.

In accordance with this kind of vibe, it would have been quite fitting to only release the album digitally, letting it slowly fade away in the vast ocean of overlooked recordings that is music streaming services.

Fortunately, two utter romantics were able to convince FABIAN, that a vinyl release - despite its inherent retrograde rapture - could be a more appropriate conclusion. Why hide your failure, when you have failed so beautifully?


„Things Will Happen When We Go Outside, Or Not“ will be released on September 11, 2020 via Jackalope Music on pink-marbled vinyl, limited to 100 copies. Pre-order here: jackalopemusic.bigcartel.com.


FABIAN were founded in 2013 by Vitiko Schell, Max Kraft, Jonas Eckhardt and Torben Jaeckel in Leipzig, Germany. The band have toured Europe extensively behind their s/t EP (2014) and s/t debut album (2015), playing shows with renowned German artists Drangsal, Friends of Gas and Phillip Boa, as well as Motorama (RU), Lebanon Hanover (ENG) and Moon Duo (US).

After the completion of their sophomore album „Things Will Happen When We Go Outside, Or Not“, FABIAN disbanded in August 2019.

Max Kraft and Jonas Eckhardt introduced their new project CHEV CHEVIN in the spring of 2020. The first single „Over Soon“ was released in July.

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